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About the Band

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The Future Homeless of America is an oi punk band from the Boston area. Dan Marotta sings, Brian Weckbacher plays guitar and sings, Josh Kehoe plays bass and sings, and Matt Veazie plays the drums. Dan has moved around allot, he has lived in Dirty D all the way to Hawaii. He was in the punk band One2Many but that fell through, he played drums. Brian has been playing the guitar since 6 grade, he was always trying to put a band togather. Josh played Piano for 6 years and then changed to bass. Brian and Josh all went to school togather and finally in 8th grade formed Blind Drive, a rock band. They did a few cd's that were ok. They met Veazie in high school, he didn't play the drums at the time. Veazie wanted to learn the drums and join the band, so he did. Then Dan became the lead singer. Before this Brian, Josh weren't to big on "punk music." They started to go to shows togather and they started to play punk. Seeing that Blind Drive was going no where fast they changed their name to FHA. Dan came up with the name because they liked to go into boston and listen to the "mole people" or street musicians. Sometimes they would even bring down a guitar or 2 and play. Now the band is writing songs for a new album. Well thats about it for now.