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This page is to let you check out all the stuff we use to record, play live, eat, sleep, and practice with. We are always hoping to get new gear so check out the things we add to this page when you can.

Dans Gear

Shure BG1.1 Cardioid Dymamic Vocal Mic

On Stage Stand

Brian's Gear

Fender Toronado

Peavey Bandit 112 Amp

DOD Tech 4 Multi-Effects Pedal

Nady Starpower SP-R3 Mic

toronado.jpg (12812 bytes)mic.jpg (11270 bytes)

Josh's Gear

Fender Standerd Precision Bass

Peavey Kb-A 100 Amp

Nady Starpower SP-R3 Mic

Veazie's Gear

Ludwig Accent Drumkit

Zildjian Cymbals (A Custom Crash, ZBT Crash/Ride, ZBT High-Hats, A Custom Ride)

Ludwig Kick

Any kind of sticks he can get

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